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Tips for Your Daily Eye Care

Facial half of a woman with glasses

Many people take their eyes for granted and don't think of their eye health often enough. Seeing an eye doctor for eye exams is important but taking care of your eyes between appointments is even more critical.

There are a few steps you can take each day to take care of your eyes. This can ensure you don't face major problems in between your regular eye exams. Here are a couple of eye care tips to keep them at their best.

Protect Your Eyes

Sunglasses are more than a fashion statement; they can offer protection from harmful UV rays. Most people only wear sunglasses in the summer when the days are sunny, but you really should wear them all year long.

Even on cloudy days, the sun's UV rays can still cause damage. Protect your eyes with polarized lenses no matter how sunny the day is outside.

Hands Off

Sometimes you can't help but rub your eyes throughout the day. Whether there's an itch you can't resist, you have a habit of touching your face; this is a practice you should cease.

It might seem harmless, but touching your eyes can have consequences. Putting your hands and fingers around your eyes can expose them to harmful bacteria that can lead to infection. And rubbing too hard can cause irritation or can break a blood vessel.

Be Smart with Screen Time

In this digital world, screens are a near-constant entity. But the constant exposure can have real-world consequences for our eyes. Computers, phones, tablets, and televisions are all guilty of causing eye problems.

It's a good idea to take protective measures when using screens over a long period. Anti-reflective and blue light filtering glasses can help with the damage that comes from screens. Frequent breaks can prevent fatigue

Take Out Contacts

Anyone who has contacts know they should take them out overnight, but some nights exhaustion can get the best of you. But you should take out your contacts every night before bed for optimal eye health.

Removing your contacts gives your eyes a chance to breathe. It also limits the chance of bacteria growth on your contacts that can transfer to your eyes.

Be Cautious with Makeup

Eye makeup is a great opportunity to express yourself, but it's important to use it with your health in mind. The sensitive glands around your eyes can get clogged with makeup and cause skin irritation.

To avoid this, you should remove your eye makeup before going to bed. It's also important to not use expired makeup or share makeup as that can lead to infections or irritation as well.

The Importance of Daily Eye Care

Just because you're not at the optometrist's office doesn't mean you should slack on your eye care responsibilities. Remembering these few steps can mean all the difference when it comes to the health of your eyes.

Small daily changes can make a large impact when done regularly. Taking care of your eyes between appointments will lead to better overall eye health.

Ready to take charge of your eye health? Find the right optometrist in Victoria, BC for your unique eye needs.


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