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Professionals with Doctor of Optometry Degree in Victoria, BC

You know you need to see an eye doctor, but which one? An ophthalmologist, an optician or an optometrist? If you're experiencing any form of eye discomfort or want to treat issues like nearsightedness or astigmatism, consult with a licensed optometrist. At Victoria Optometric Association, we can help you find a qualified optometrist. Find a local optometric near you today!

How is an Optometrist Different From an Ophthalmologist and optician?

But what exactly are optometrists, and how are they different from others who specialize in eye care? For your reference, optometrists are medical professionals who have Doctor of Optometry degrees and can examine your eyes and treat a wide range of eye diseases or disorders. An ophthalmologist performs surgery and treats eye conditions, while an optician provides corrective eyewear and performs basic eye exams.

Many people receive their primary eye care from an optometrist. Optometrists can prescribe and provide eyeglasses and contact lenses, offer vision therapy and perform testing to determine your ability to coordinate your eye movement, see colours correctly and judge depth perception. To learn more about the role of an optometrist, browse through our optometrist page.

The Importance of Visiting Victoria Optometrists

Your eyes are your windows to the world, and it's extremely important to take care of them! Regular visits to Victoria optometrists make sure you're managing your eye health now and preserving it for the future. And with an optometrist's help, you can even enhance your vision and stop experiencing painful headaches and stressful eye fatigue!

Even if you're not experiencing any symptoms, something could still be wrong with your eyes. Comprehensive eye exams allow us to evaluate your eyes and look for any early indications of eye diseases or disorders. Eye exams should be performed annually, but if you have a medical condition affecting your eyes, more frequent vision exams should be scheduled. To find a local optometrist near you, check out our directory.

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