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What to Do for Eye Emergencies in Victoria

The Victoria Optometric Association's optometrists are equipped to handle eye emergencies in Victoria. An event is considered to be an eye emergency if there's a foreign object or harmful chemical in your eye or an injury takes place in or near your eye. Optometrists often see these kinds of eye emergencies:

Eye infections
Sports-related injuries
Cuts or lacerations
Foreign particles stuck in the eye
Allergic or adverse reactions to contact lenses, food and beverages and more
Eye discomfort from a chemical exposure

If there's extensive trauma to your eyes, visit your local emergency room right away. And as always, you don't need to have a referral from a medical doctor to see your optometrist.

When to See Your Eye Doctor in Victoria, BC

Please see your eye doctor in Victoria, BC, if you or a family member is experiencing any of the following symptoms:

Eye bulging
Light sensitivity
Severe headache
Double vision
Enlarged pupil
General eye pain
Blurring of vision
Redness or irritation
Bruising around the eye
Eyelids are stuck together
Excessive itching
Discharge from the eye
Burning or stinging sensation
One eye is not moving like the other one is

When there is a serious eye injury, sudden vision loss or bleeding, please visit your local emergency room. If any of the above symptoms are happening to you, don't attempt to drive yourself anywhere. You run the risk of harming yourself or someone else. Please make arrangements for safe transportation to a nearby clinic. 

Eye Emergency Tips from Your Optometrist in Victoria

When an eye emergency occurs, you should always seek treatment from a professional. Before you call your optometrist, make sure you DO NOT do any of the following:

Rub your eye or put any pressure on it
Apply medications or ointments to your eye
Try to remove foreign objects with tweezers or any other tools

If something is stuck in your eye, try blinking and flushing it out with cool water. Make sure to wash your hands before touching your eye and attempting to carefully remove the particle; if it's a large object, leave it where it is and see immediate help.


For chemical burns, turn your head, so the injured eye is down and to the side, flush your eye with cool water for 15 minutes and try to carefully remove your contact lenses. You should then seek immediate help.


The best way to avoid eye emergencies is to be extremely careful! Use protective eyewear during sports or activities where debris or contact could cause damage, and always avoid placing sharp objects near your face. If an accident does occur, visit your optometrist or local emergency room.

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