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Symptoms That Indicates You Need an Eye Exam

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Eye exams are a vital part of maintaining your physical health, and you may be overdue for yours. Here are a few symptoms that show that you need an eye exam.

  1. Get an Eye Exam if Your Eyes Are Red or Irritated Extended redness or irritation are important signs that you need to have an eye exam. Mild and temporary symptoms aren't necessarily an indication that you need to visit a professional. But if those symptoms persist, it may be an indication that your eye is injured or scratched.

  2. Something as simple as dust in your eye can cause a corneal abrasion, which often requires medical attention and prescription eyedrops. An eye exam can help determine whether your symptoms indicate an injury.

  3. If You Have Trouble Seeing at Night You may need an eye exam if you begin to have difficulty seeing at night. Reduced vision at night is a safety hazard, especially if you drive. You may have a reduced quality of vision if you have difficulty reading street signs, seeing the guidelines on the road, or don’t see pedestrians until they are very near your vehicle. You should contact a professional immediately if you begin to experience a decreased ability to see at night.

  4. If You Work in Front of a Computer People who work in front of a computer or have extended exposure to blue light often experience eye strain, a condition where the eye is overused and begins to ache. Blue-light filtering glasses can reduce the eye's exposure to excessive amounts of blue light. And reducing unnecessary amounts of screen time is another way to prevent and treat eye fatigue. If, after these options, you still experience eye strain, an eye-care professional can help you identify the next steps.

  5. You've Noticed a Change in Your Vision The quality of your vision may very likely decrease throughout your life as your eye ages. It's common for people to need to adjust the lenses they use as they grow older to meet their needs.

  6. Whether or not you already use corrective lenses, if you experience a change in the quality of your vision it's time for an eye exam. It's highly unlikely that the same corrective lens will be sufficient for your entire life.

  7. Updating your lens or method of vision correction isn't just a matter of convenience, it's a matter of safety too.

  8. If You Can't Remember Your Last Eye Exam If you can't remember when your last eye exam was, it's probably been over a year. Most experts recommend annual eye exams to maintain eye health and to perform preventative care.

Keep Your Eyes on the Prize

If you haven't been to an eye-care professional for over a year or your experiencing symptoms of decreased vision, it's time to schedule an eye exam. Visit our directory to find an optometrist near you.


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