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Dedicated to the Overall Eye Health of Victoria


Your Trusted Optometrist in Victoria, BC!

Victoria Optometric Association is a local association for optometrists in Victoria. We are dedicated to the overall eye health of Greater Victoria residents. Our members want to ensure all residents of Greater Victoria have access to the latest in technology, eye health exams, and the best eyewear available. We’re proud to be affiliated with hundreds of experienced optometrists in Victoria. If you are looking for an experienced optometrist in Victoria, BC, check our directory. You can find the best optometrist near you.

Representing Optometrists in Victoria, BC

The Victoria Optometric Association is proud to represent optometrists in Victoria. We are dedicated to advancing the profession of optometry and enhancing the quality of eye care provided to residents in Victoria.


Your Victoria optometrist has access to the latest resources, programs, conferences, services, continuing education and benefits available across the globe.

As a patient, you will receive the highest possible standards of eye health and vision care from our optometrists in Victoria. Please check out our blog and affiliated professional organization for additional information and resources to help you learn more about your eye health and how to keep your eyes healthy.

Interesting Eye Facts

Do you know that each of your eyes has over a million optic nerve cells? As one of the most complex organs, here are a few more fascinating facts about your eyes:

You are able to see with the help of your brain as your eyes capture light and send data back to the brain to process visual information
The most common eye colour is brown
Your eyes can differentiate around 10 million distinct colours
The muscles in your eyes move faster than any of the muscles in your body
The resolution of your eye is equivalent to 576 megapixels
Your fingerprint has only 40 unique characteristics, but an iris has 256, resulting in increased use of retina scans for security reasons
Diabetes and high blood pressure, among several other health conditions, can be detected during an eye test
Colour blindness is more common among males than females

As a complex and amazing part of your body, it is essential to take good care of your eyes for your well-being. You can rely on the Victoria Optometric Association to give your eyes the attention and care they deserve.

When to Get Your Eyes Exam?

Your eyesight is extremely important, so don’t take it for granted. Visiting your local optometrist should be part of your yearly check-up so they can make sure your vision is stable. If you experience any of the following symptoms described on the list, it’s a sign you should make an appointment with an optometrist.

woman hand holding eyeglasses having problem with eye pain, blur vision

Blurry Vision

Blurry vision could be a sign that you need new glasses, or it could be that you have ocular health problems, so confirm with your Victoria optometrist before it becomes too late.

mature old man taking off glasses suffering from tired dry irritated eyes

Dry Eyes

This condition could be a sign of ocular health issues or an overly dry environment. Your optometrist will be able to determine the cause and recommend solutions.

Female Hand with pen mark on calendar date

Time Since The Last Appointment

If you haven’t seen an optometrist in over two years, you should make an appointment even if you aren’t experiencing your vision problems. Regular eye checkups are very important to maintain good eyesight and avoid vision-related problems.

man suffering from headache at home


The sign of many possible problems; if you get frequent headaches on top of experiencing dry eyes or blurry vision, you should visit an optometrist.

different glasses in wall rack

New Glasses

If you want to get new glasses or you think you need your first pair of glasses, you need to visit an optometrist to get the correct prescription and diagnosis.

Contact Us

If you are noting changes in visual acuity, visual field, colour vision, or physical changes in the eye, you should be assessed as soon as possible. Browse our optometry directory and find the qualified optometrist in Victoria, BC.

Additional Resources & Affiliated Professional Organizations

At Victoria Optometric Association, we take pride in being professionally affiliated with:

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