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An Optometrist in Victoria Explains How Eyes Work

Vision is one of the most studied yet least understood sensory aspects forming the whole of the human experience. We take it for granted, and yet the ability of sight helps us to understand who we are and the world around us. It is elusive and, at the same time, paradoxical; in the sum of our lives, all anyone ever truly sees can be broken down to one thing — photons, particles of light moving at the rhythm of their own wavelengths. Your favourite movie, the face of your spouse or significant other, a blue sky on a summer’s day; all so vividly remembered by their apparent colours and forms, yet these are mere illusions formed by a visual cortex that — like us — is only attempting to make sense of all that is around us. Our eyes, the visions we see — both simultaneously defy logic and all too readily inform a visual base of things we believe to be true.

So, how do these things called eyes actually work? The visual cortex is so complex it’s a wonder it works at all. Why did some see the white and gold dress, while others a black and blue dress? Why are some born with blue eyes and others not? Why do we see colours that do not exist and sometimes “see” things that are not even there?

Grab a pair of reading glasses and strap in tight, as a local optometrist from Victoria takes you through the subtle (and not-so-subtle) peculiarities of how our eyes actually work.

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