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The Victoria Optometric Association is a local Victoria, BC Association of Optometrists dedicated to the overall eye health of Greater Victoria residents. Our members want to ensure all residents of Greater Victoria have access to the latest in technology, eye health exams, and the best eyewear available. We’re proud to be affiliated with the experienced optometrists Victoria, BC trusts for its ocular health.

We understand the importance of eye health in everyday life. Clear vision for everyone is our goal. Find an optometrist in Victoria, BC, by viewing our list of members.

Interesting Eye Facts
Vision is truly an amazing thing and should never be taken for granted. Here are some amazing eye facts that may help you appreciate your vision a little more:

  • The human eye is the equivalent of a 576 megapixel camera. Your iPhone? Only 8 megapixels.
  • Half of your brain power is devoted to processing visual information.
  • The human eye can distinguish over 10 million colours.
  • The fastest moving muscles in the body are in the eyes.
  • There are over 200 million working parts in an eye.
  • Some women can see several million additional colours compared to their male counterparts.
  • Men have a better ability to read fine print.
  • According to a research study, all blue-eyed people may be related to one individual some 10,000 years ago.

See? Your eyes are truly amazing. Come visit your Doctor of Optometry today – you’ll be happy you did.

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